1-2-3 Skin Care

The holidays are here, and despite it being the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays are inevitably filled with plenty of stress, special treats, and pictures.

Which, for some people, myself included, the stress and special treats wreak havoc on skin, and make those holiday pictures a nightmare.

Aside from trying to make healthy choices, my go to skin regimen is super simple. Coconut oil. That’s it!

Before bed, I use a dry wash cloth to rub coconut oil on my face. It’s important not to use your hands, as your face will become too oily. I sleep with my face lightly coated in oil, then wake up in the morning and give my face a good wash.

I was skeptical at first, like how can adding more oil to my skin make it better. But by giving your skin nutrient rich coconut oil, it will produce less of its own oils. It clears up my blemishes over night too!

Just remember, for all of you wondering what’s the deal with consuming coconut oil… it is a saturated fat. Researchers believe our body may process it differently than typical unhealthy saturated fats (butter, red meat), but at this point in time there is no conclusive evidence that confirms if this is true or not. My recommendations? Stick to skin care for now, and continue to limit the amount of saturated fat you consume, especially if weight loss is your end goal.

Are you a coconut oil lover or hater? Let me know what you use coconut oil for in the comments below!


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