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Where’s the Balance?

I was recently at an “orientation” training for my job, and let’s be real, it was about as exciting as it sounds. (Not at all.)

But there was one session that really resonated for me, and I think a lot of people generally lack in this area as well. It’s about that work-life balance.

I’m a Dietitian, I should be a pro a balance…aren’t I always talking about balanced meals?!

What I want everyone to do right now is STOP and write down the 2-3 most important things in your life! Once you do that, I want you to take it one step further and think about what sorts of things occupy the largest percentage of your time.

Guess what, the most important things in my life were no where remotely supported by the activities that were occupying most of my day. And that’s a problem.

This exercise is really simple, but I hope for some of my readers it’s a powerful reminder. If your family is the most important thing to you, why do you spend so many extra hours at work? If your financial stability is the most important thing to you, why are you always teasing yourself online shopping? Find that balance and realign your actions with your priorities, and do it soon.

Have a great, and balanced, weekend my friends!

Happy Posts, Thoughts of a Dietitian

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes comes in all shapes and sizes. And I can promise you, like all chronic diseases, it effects more than just the diabetic individual, it effects friends and family of that person too. It’s a constant struggle of wondering if your blood sugar is rising or dropping?, do you need a small snack or a large snack?, how much insulin do you need to take to cover this food?– and then waiting to see if all your calculations were right. I can tell you from personal experience, managing diabetes is seriously a full time job!!

Type 1 Diabetes, previously called juvenile diabetes, is an autoimmune disease with no known cause or cure.

On the other hand, Type 2 Diabetes, previously adult-onset diabetes, is directly connected to your lifestyle. And considering there isn’t a cure for Type 2 Diabetes either, the best thing you can do is PREVENT IT! Take care of your body with proper diet and exercise. Take action to get yourself to a healthy weight. Don’t leave your health up to chance, be proactive and start making small changes today!

As we finish out the rest of November, make it your goal to become more aware. Be mindful of the daily struggles of someone who has diabetes or is caring for a loved one with diabetes. Be mindful of what YOU can do to reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

And finally, join me in celebrating World Diabetes Day, today November 14th, and wear blue to show your support for all the diabetics you know in your life!

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What Does it Mean to be “MINDFUL”? 

 I’m always telling my patients to be mindful of one thing or another. It’s a word I use on a daily basis. But I think it can be a very vague word for a lot of people, how exactly do you ‘be mindful?’ 

When I tell my patients to be mindful of something, I am telling them to be more aware. I would NEVER tell someone not to eat something, restriction is not my thing. What I do believe in is being aware of what you’re putting into your body (and maybe, why you’re doing it.)

If I tell you that science suggest we consume less than 2300mg of sodium per day, and you grab a frozen meal that contains 1000mg, what sort of thoughts are you thinking? Hopefully you realize that the frozen meal is about 50% of your daily sodium recommendations. Maybe you consider looking for a different product as a substitution. Maybe you decide to have a smaller portion. Or maybe you decide to have your frozen meal for lunch, but choose a salad later in the day for dinner. ANY of those actions are fantastic! And you were mindful enough, or aware enough, to take that action.

Another setting where it’s really important to be mindful is with weight loss. It’s so easy to over eat, or eat things we aren’t even hungry for. We eat without tasting because we live in a society where we are so rushed! While any dietitian will always encourage you to eat when your hungry, it’s really tough to know what ‘hungry’ is– it’s not bordem, anxiety, or stress. Slow down. Think. Be aware of what’s going on around you. Are you thirsty? Try water first. Are you stressed? Go for a walk. Learn to recognize your body and what it needs, learn to be mindful of what’s going into your mouth, and WHY. 

Still a little confused? Try this exercise (it involves chocolate!) Get a small piece of dark chocolate, or something small and decedent. Go ahead and put it in your mouth, but don’t chew or swallow it. Just let it sit there, let it dissolve and infuse the flavor in your mouth. Notice how it tastes. Notice how the flavor changes in your mouth. How long can you keep up this exercise? It’s tough, but when you continually force yourself to slow down and think about what makes up your food and your reasons for wanting those foods, you are successfully becoming a mindful eater!

The word mindful doesn’t just apply to your plate, being mindful of everything in your life is a really important skill (and one that I’m still working on!!) Life is fast, slow down, and notice the little things- like this beautiful sunset outside my house the other night!

Don’t know where to start focusing your mindful attention? Speak with a registered dietitian to find out where he or she suggest you start!

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How I got into Using Essential Oils

During the moving process, my boyfriend and I were really lucky to have so many generous friends and family members who were able to give us endless things for our new apartment. One gift, probably one of my favorite, is my new essential oil diffuser. 

**there are many oil diffusers on the market. I have never researched nor tried any other brand but simple went with Young Living because it was gifted to me**

I was already familiar with one essential oil, tea tree oil. I have used this to help clear up certain skin issues (always mix oils with a carrier oil before putting on your skin) or for some breathing relief with a cold (breathing over a pot of boiling water mixed with the tea tree oil.) 

I was excited to order some more essential oils to add to my collection now that I had my own oil diffuser.

Essential oils release strong aromas in the diffuser, and will infuse the smell into the whole room. You can mix oils together to create your own blends as well. 

For my diffuser, you simply remove the lid, fill with water to the fill line, and add a few drops of your favorite oil(s)! 

Essential oils have been studied for their health effects for a long time.  Even if you don’t have a diffuser, there are many other ways to use essential oils (such as oils, sprays and lotions.) 

Right now I’m rocking some peppermint oil in my diffuser, which is supposed to help with nausea. (Which I weirdly woke up feeling icky today!!) Different blends of oils are shown to have energizing, calming, or mind clearing effects, depending on how you mix them. The internet can be your best friend when researching which oils are best for you to try.

Does anyone else use essential oils? Which are your favorites and how do you use them? Leave your comments below! 

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Why I LOVE Yoga!

Sometimes life gets a little crazy…and that’s alright!

If you’ve been following my blog you’ve probably noticed I’ve been M.I.A recently. Since moving to South Florida, and starting my new job, it’s been one thing after the next! My mom came down to visit mid-August, then my boyfriend and I were preparing to move for the first weekend in September, and then we were preparing for Hurricane Irma which just swept through our area. (Luckily Irma didn’t do nearly as much damage as expected.)

Needless to say, I don’t remember the last time I went to the gym. Regular physical activity is so important for our bodies for a number of reasons, but if you’re stressing yourself out so much just to squeeze in that gym time, then that’s not good either. 

Especially during stressful times (starting a new job, finals week, or moving) I find my go-to is yoga. For me, yoga is a win-win because it does good for my physical body and my mind. 

Recently, when my mom was down, we went to a aerial yoga class! Which was a total change from my normal yoga routine. It was doable and I would highly encouage everyone reading this to get some girlfriends together and give it a try. 

Challenging myself to aerial yoga was really scary leading up to the class, but once I got started all the fears, and stress, just left. 

There are so many styles of yoga, so if you’ve only tried it once or twice, try again because once you find the right style and teacher you’ll never look back.

 Yoga is great for the body and mind, it’s something you can spend 5 minutes or 60 minutes doing. You can do it alone or with friends. You can do it at home before work or in a class in your community. You can do it to stretch your muscles or strengthen them. How many of you enjoy yoga? Has anyone else tried aerial yoga? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Although not pictured, I actually did so much yoga this weekend during the hurricane. First off, I was bored out of my mind by the second morning. Not to mention my body was so tight and achy from all the stress of the hurricane. This is why I LOVE yoga, it’s the anywhere and anytime workout. 

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Things to Give Up, to Get Ahead

Ever feel like your spinning your wheels and getting no where? Right now, with my recent move, I’m so stressed out about finding an apartment, starting to see patients as a second job, still learning what to do at my first job and trying to figure out my health insurance (just to name a few stressors!)

Somehow this article just resonated with me. And I wanted to share it with you with hopes that it will do the same. 

“Happiness is seemingly always “someday” in the near-distant future - like once we finally land that promotion or find the right partner.” If that sentence speaks to you, please please please click the article and give it a read!

Let’s all make it our goal to have a HAPPY week! Being HEALTHY is great, but remember health is more than just physical– mental, social, spiritual, occupational, and environmental health all contribute to the overall term of HEALTH! This week, make it your goal to praise yourself more, drop the negativity, and forget about perfection. 

Article Link: http://www.businessinsider.com/11-mental-habits-to-give-up-if-you-want-to-succeed-2017-4?utm_content=bufferbaff3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer-bi

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Big Things Are Coming

I think the title says it all for this blog post! Big Things are Coming including new jobs, more experiences, and more learning opportunities. And that means there is going to be a ton more content on the blog. Bear with me as I do some updating and rearranging on here, but I am so excited for the end result! Here’s a little glimpse of what my morning looked life: lots of researching, planning, and reading.


Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

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Officially Official!

I’m a Registered Dietitan y’all!! I am happy to announce I passed my RD exam today and cannot send enough thanks my family, friends, boyfriend, classmates and fellow RD’s for letting me complain relentlessly for the past 5 years! I can’t believe I’m finally a REGISTERED DIETITIAN and can’t wait to start working in the field!

For anyone who’s waiting to take their RD exam, I wanted to briefly share my experience with you! The two study materials I used were the Jean Inman Study Guide and RD in a Flash flashcard set. I studied for about two months; but I wasn’t studying everyday so if you are more diligent than me you might require less study time. The Inman study guide is nice because it breaks up material into different domains which can help you plan your study sessions; the flashcards were great because I could take them with me and have other’s quiz me. The exam was absolutely challenging, but the biggest thing you have to remember is that you are absolutely ready for it. This is what you went to school for, this is what you practiced daily at your internship, and this is what you’re passionate about!

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Be a Fly on the Wall

Decision making is not one of my strongest abilities; I am the world’s biggest over-analyzer! As a recent college graduate,  this is becoming quite a downfall for myself as I have many big decisions to make in the coming months. After a good talk with my mom, and a shower to clear the mind, I decided to consult my good friend Google to see what she had to say about decision making.

To be more specific, I searched “how to be better at making decisions.” We live in a world where we have access to unlimited knowledge and I think many people, including myself, often forget that. One article that resonated with me was this one published in the Huffington Post on June 18, 2014.

One tip I really liked from the article was to pretend to be a fly on the wall. In other words, if you were looking at your situation as an outsider, what would this outsider think. I like this technique as a way to remove (some) emotion from the decision. I really do plan to use this technique as I let my life unfold this year. Do you think this tip would be useful for you? I’m not bad a making small day-to-day decisions, but when it comes to things that affect my life for years to come I really struggle.

Anyone else extremely indecisive? Read the article and let me know which tips resonate with you the most!


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First Post of 2017

We’re still in the first week of 2017 so I believe it’s still acceptable to say Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season filled with lots of laughs and love. This year my parents, my brother, my boyfriend, and myself took a “Cruisemas” for the holidays. It was a ton of fun, the food was delicious, and the other thing I really liked about the cruise was not having my cellphone with me- which forced me to be more present. (Is that anyone’s resolution this year!?)

If that’s not included in your resolution this year, what is? I bet many people have included a physical activity or exercise component to their resolution. If so, something I did this morning was a  10 minute yoga video on YouTube! I’ve done this previously, but then I often forget about this option as time goes on! However you can literally find any sort of yoga or workout video on YouTube so if you haven’t already given it a try I encourage you to try it ASAP.

I don’t want to promote any YouTuber in specific, but the next time you don’t feel like going to the gym just open up your computer. I often search by the length of time I have to spend on my workout. You can search for videos that focus on just abs or just glute (aka butt) exercises, you can find total body workouts, and my personal fave you can find relaxing yoga videos. Not only is this option completely free, the best part is that if you aren’t into the video you selected and/or the instructor, you can easily search for a different one!

Whatever your resolution is or is not, let’s all work together to make 2017 the best yet! If you need help achieving your health or happiness related resolution let me know, and regardless of what your resolution is, make sure it’s a SMART one!